We are hoping to provide young people who live in Nagoya with a good living environment in this share house “D-FLAT” .

This is a comfortable place to stay in, where you are free from the bustle of your workplace,
and you spend slowly on holidays you don’t have any plans.

Here, you can spend a relaxing time with the residents,
but not to an extent that they are invading your privacy.


Moreover, each and everyone in D-FLAT respect each other’s lifestyles.

If you’d like a place to stay in wherein the people are quite diverse,
feel free to rent a room here in D-FLAT.

We are excited to meet you !


Please take note that we also consider the following things in approving tenants:

– estimated period of stay : over 6 months

– character : cooperative

– nature of work :  member of society (working people) limited
and so on… 

– you need to use the daily conversation in Japanese

– Our Share-House makes the contract with cleaning. They clean up in the common space.

About garbage in common area:  turn system of the rotation for a week.

– Share House D-FLAT is all private room type.

– criterion for examination of our Share House is people who have manner as an adult member of society.

This is to maintain the healthy living environment in this share house.

Thank you for understanding.

D-FLAT sharehouse manager: hideki okumura

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